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What is Chiropractic Care?

What is Chiropractic Care? Chiropractors are trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat neuromuscular and musckuloskeletal conditions. It is a common misconception that chiropractors only treat spinal conditions with spinal manipulative therapy, or adjusting techniques. In fact, chiropractors treat a wide array of muskuloskeletal conditions which include neck pain, back pain, and headaches but also tendon […]

Walking Hip Hike for Running

Walking Hip Hike for Running Running is essentially a one legged sport when you break it down. One leg touches the ground, supports the body moving forward, and then lifts as the second leg touches down. The walking hip hike drill shown below is great for the following: activate glute stabilizing muscles, improve single leg […]

Cross-Over Gait Correction

How to Fix a Cross-Over Gait The best way to work on cross–over gait is to perform running drills! Many runners are simply unaware that they run with a cross-over gait. Specific running drills to address a this type of gait will significantly improve running efficiency and decrease risk for injury. At our Mission Valley […]

Do you Run with a Cross-Over Gait?

Do you Run with a Cross-Over Gait? A cross-over gait, also known as a “tightrope” gait, involves running with your feet crossing the midline of your body. As each foot crosses midline, it appears as if you a running along a tightrope. This running style decreases running efficiency and may set you up for future […]

Improve Running Posture

Improve Running Posture Running posture is essentially how you hold your body while running…simple! When looking at the running posture of elite runners, there are quite a few similarities: they run tall, have a subtle forward lean while they are running, limit their up/down movement, and limit their side to side movement. Let’s take a […]

Increase your Cadence!

Increase Your Cadence! Increasing running cadence will help reduce your risk for injury, and make you a more efficient runner (potentially faster runner as well)! Now that you know the benefit of increasing cadence, let’s go back and look and some of the main points that go into tweaking this aspect of running. Break the […]

5 Pain-Fighting Exercises That Help Your Body Stay Strong

When the body is in pain, the first thing many people think to do is stretch that body part. This may provide temporary comfort, but it is not a long-term solution. In addition to stretching, there are many additional exercises you can do to help relieve pain throughout the body. Check out some tips for […]

Four Sports That Affect Your Back The Most

Participation in sports is an important part of people’s daily routine and many enjoy staying active by engaging in different sports to help maintain a healthy lifestyle! While staying active is a vital part of everyday life, sports such as golf, baseball, basketball, and football are prone to cause injury and pain, especially in the […]