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Rock Climbing and Pulley Injuries

Finger pulley tears are one of the most common injuries in rock climbing, but many climbers may not know how to identify or treat this type of injury. What is a pulley, anyways? A pulley could best be described as a group of fibers that help secure tendons to the bone. For those who may […]

Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS) is a painful, frustrating condition that affects the outside part of the knee. The IT band is a thickening of inelastic connective tissue which arises from the Tensor Fascia Latae and the Gluteal muscles and inserts into the outside of the tibia and Tibialis Anterior.1 During movement, the IT band approximates the […]

Strength Training Tips

Strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program. Traditionally, it’s been encouraged to participate in aerobic activities such as swimming and bicycling, however, strength training can also be safe and effective for youth and adults, provided that appropriate guidelines are followed. Strength training is a method of conditioning that involves a wide […]

Preventing Swimming Injuries

With the summer months upon us, there are bound to be more people swimming, which also increases the chance of swimming related injuries. Swimming is one of the most popular low-impact fitness activities. There is a wide range of skill between those swimming competitively and those that choose it as a recreational sport. The majority […]

Run Healthy, Prevent Injury

Running is a great means of exercise, recreation, and sport participation for adults and children. As the weather improves and people spend their time outdoors running and training, the risk of injuries also increase. Whether you are maintaining your daily exercise regimen or training for a marathon or track event, running, when done properly, can […]

Preventing Soccer Injuries

Soccer is an excellent way to build endurance, improve speed and stay in shape, all while enjoying being a part of a team. Nevertheless, soccer does involve quick start-and-stop motions and physical contact, which can lead to injury. The risk of injury is no reason not to play soccer however. Players simply need to be […]

Golf is a Game of Recovery

Golf is a sport that takes patience, diligence, and precision. Priority is not placed on the max a golfer can bench (their strength) or the pace at which they can run (their speed and endurance) like a majority of other sports. It is in the ability of the golfer to allow the club to do […]