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The Tennis Elbow

The most common injury among tennis players is known as “tennis elbow.” It is an overuse injury, caused by excess use of the forearm muscles and tendons. Usually found in any sport involving a racket, tennis elbow is onset by the repetitive motion of extending and bending the wrist. It is also seen in specific […]

Preventing Injuries – Baseball Pitcher

Overhead throwing creates a variety of challenges for baseball players, especially pitchers. Due to the biomechanical consequences of repetitive throwing, pitchers are at increased risk for a variety of shoulder and elbow injuries such as shoulder impingement, labral tears, and ulnar collateral ligament tears. These injuries can often lead to long periods of recovery and, […]

The Importance of Rest

Rest does not come easy for athletes. As individuals trained to push their bodies to the max, never give up, and be completely committed, rest seems like a failure. It contradicts everything an athlete trains for, increasing feelings of guilt, laziness, and inadequacy as they allow their bodies and mind to take a break. In […]

The Power of ART – Active Release Technique

Struggling with carpal tunnel can be a debilitating experience. The inflammation around tissues and nerves in the wrist can make it difficult to perform daily tasks. The classic symptoms of carpal tunnel include numbness or pain that occurs on the thumb-side of the hand, pain that radiates up to the shoulder, and the muscles in […]