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5 Ways to Strengthen Weak Shoulders

Ever feel a pop, immediate pain or weakness in your upper body? You may be struggling with weak shoulders. Weak shoulders prevent healthy function of the upper body, not allowing for the muscles to coordinate accordingly at its healthiest condition! This can also occur when different muscle groups including the pectoralis major, rotator cuff, deltoid […]

5 of the Worst Sports Injuries An Athlete Could Encounter

Being an athlete takes determination and perseverance, and they always run a high risk of getting seriously injured. Professional athletes must take all precautions to prevent any injuries that can affect their performance and professional career. Although injuries can be prevented at times, this does not mean that accidents aren’t bound to happen! It’s unfortunate […]

5 Common Sports Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Whether you’re an All-American athlete or a weekend warrior that takes part in pick-up games and backyard sessions, sports injuries always pose a potential threat. These injuries can range from minor to severe – some may even require surgery. Luckily, these injuries can be prevented through proper conditioning, warm-ups, technique exercises, and more. Here are […]

Smoking Health Risks

By reducing oxygen flow and the body’s ability to heal, it is widely known that smoking can lead to a broad range of health risks. The Surgeon General announced last year that smoking and tobacco use have been linked to even more illnesses than what was previously thought. Some of the new additions to this […]

Techniques for the Best Sports Massage

Sports massages are beneficial to athletes of all levels. When performing a sports massage, technique is very important. The main reason technique is important is to ensure no further damage is being done. The best time to receive a sports massage is referred to as a post-event massage. The reason for a post-event massage is […]