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Piriformis Syndrome Part II- Evaluation

Clinical Diagnosis Piriformis syndrome occurs most frequently between ages 40-60 and is more common in women than men.  Some reports suggest a 6:1 female-to-male ratio for piriformis syndrome; , possibly because of biomechanics associated with the wider quadriceps femoris muscle angle (ie, “Q angle”) in the pelvis of women. Reported incidence rates for piriformis syndrome among […]

Piriformis Syndrome: Overview and Causes

Piriformis syndrome is a unique cause if sciatic nerve irritation (neuritis) or sciatica. The condition, which can mimic lumbar disc herniation, usually is caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve due to spasm and/or contracture of the piriformis muscle. Piriformis syndrome is also referred to as “pseudosciatica”, “wallet sciatica”, and “hip socket neuropathy”. It frequently […]


  Posterior ankle impingement is a common cause of pain in ballet dancers.   Other names for this condition are “os trigonum syndrome” and “nutcracker syndrome”.  It is called “nutcracker syndrome” not because of its common occurrence in ballet at Christmas-time but because of the way the tissue of the ankle is squeezed at the ankle.  […]


Ballet dancers are widely known for their superior body control in various challenging body positions.  In fact it has been found in recent studies that ballet dancers have better postural control when compared to other elite athletes. However, what has not been examined is the effect of injury on postural balance in dancers.  A recent […]


Backpacks are a practical way for students to carry schoolbooks and supplies. They are designed to distribute the weight of its contents among some of the body’s strongest muscles; however, in recent years, the weight of student backpacks has increased dramatically and has become a public health concern. Studies show that heavy backpacks can lead […]

Labral tears of the shoulder: surgery or not?

  At the recent American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine, a comparison of non-surgical treatment and surgical treatment for SLAP labral tears of the shoulder in baseball players was presented. The labrum is a cartilage structure that makes the socket of the shoulder deeper and helps hold the upper arm. SLAP tears are a specific […]

Kinesiology Tape for Dancers

Many dance medicine specialists and dancers have begun to use Kinesiotape as a staple to manage their injuries.  Developed more than 25 years ago in Japan by chiropractor Dr. Kenzo Kase, the Kinesiotape method drew worldwide interest when the U.S. Olympic volleyball player Kerri Walsh wore the tape to support her shoulder during the 2008 […]

Preventing Throwing Injuries in Youth Baseball

 More and more young baseball players, especially pitchers, are coming down with “Little League elbow,” or “Little League shoulder.” Don’t let the names fool you; these are real medical diagnoses with real consequences.  Among pitchers under 12-years-old, as many as 45 percent complain of chronic elbow pain, according to several published studies. At the high […]

Preventing Dance Injuries

The physical demands placed on the bodies of dancers have been shown to make them just as susceptible to injury as football players.  For this reason, more emphasis should be placed on creating awareness of risk and preventing injuries in dancers.  Most dancers begin dancing at a young age, the repetitive practice of movements that […]

Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation

At Proform Sports Chiropractic, we help create lifelong musculoskeletal health, emphasizing physical activity and exercise throughout life. Our goal is to prevent injury and achieve optimal health, mobility, and quality of life throughout each person’s lifespan. Our two primary areas of interest are musculoskeletal injury prevention and rehabilitation. Our offfice focuses on on injury prevention and on effective treatment […]