benefits of water aerobics

The Benefits of Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that can help increase flexibility and burn fat. The fact that it is more gentle on the body than most other sports has made it a popular choice among the elderly and those recovering from injuries, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of us can’t benefit from water aerobics as well!

According to the Mayo Clinic, one hour of water aerobics burns “more calories than the equivalent time doing a number of other sports, including downhill skiing, volleyball and weight training.” The specific number of calories burned depends, of course, on a number of factors such as water depth and the intensity of your workout.

Not only is water aerobics a great way to burn calories, but it also helps to build strength. The simple motion of kicking while holding on to the edge of the pool or while using a kickboard is an effective way to strengthen muscle. By exercising in water, your body will feel around 90 percent lighter than normal, which helps make this such a great option for those who suffer from ailments such as chronic back pain and arthritis that make other forms of exercise nearly impossible due to the level of discomfort. Contrary to harsh exercises that can take a toll on the body such as running, water aerobics is a low impact exercise that can actually help increase your flexibility and range of motion.

Do you think water aerobics might be right for you? Talk to your chiropractor to see if it could be a good fit!