Finding Relief from Tendonitis

Finding Relief from Tendonitis

Tendonitis can best be described as the inflammation of a tendon in the body. Some cases of tendonitis can result in surgery, but with proper chiropractic treatment, this can often be avoided by fixing the source of the problem within the body early on.

You will likely notice pain in the affected area during physical activity, particularly when the muscle is contracted. Symptoms may also include redness or swelling around the tendon. The pain might start as a minor annoyance, but if left untreated, the pain from tendonitis can become debilitating. A simple action such as opening a jar can cause severe pain. There also may be tightness in the area that is noticeable the day following the activity.

Athletes tend to suffer from tendonitis more than most as a result of their high level of physical activity. Luckily though, their good physical condition usually helps their bodies to recover more quickly than those who are not in good overall health. Once tendonitis has been diagnosed, it is typical to have a recovery period of six to eight weeks before regular exercise can be resumed.

Chiropractors can help treat this condition through joint manipulation and other therapies to help reduce any inflammation. These services also help to reduce the patient’s chances of re-injuring the same area. Your chiropractor can recommend at-home exercises, icing, etc as an additional part of the treatment plan. Nutritional supplements may be another factor that can prove to be beneficial to the healing process.

Whether you are an athlete or not, Peak Form Health Center would be happy to help you find relief from tendonitis. Remember that once physical activity can be resumed, start back slowly. Don’t push yourself too far!