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Medieval Tools Increase Quality of Life of Breast Cancer Survivors

The Graston Technique for Breast Cancer Survivors

The Graston Technique is a form of deep tissue massage that is becoming increasingly popular. In the past, this method has proved to be effective for athletes as they overcome sport injuries, being utilized in the NBA and NFL. Scar tissue develops around an athlete’s injury causing chronic pain and a lack of mobility. Through the use of medieval looking stainless steel tools, the professionals are able to first locate the scarring as the equipment vibrates over hardened tissue. Then, they are able to manually break up the deep tissue, allowing the blood to flow freely. This removes the damaged tissue enabling the new tissue to grow.

More recently, the Graston Technique has proved to be successful in helping not only athletes but breast cancer patients as well. Whether the breast cancer survivor had a mastectomy or their lymph’s removed, this method is able to decrease pain and increase the individual’s range of motion and good posture. Chiropractors target the area of the surgery and are able to decrease the scarring through putting pressure on the deep, damaged tissues repetitively.

The method is painful, dissuading the faint of heart as it can lead to bruising. But, it’s long term effects are worth the temporary discomfort as it enables the athlete and the breast cancer survivor to have a better quality of life. If looking into it, the Graston Technique is not fully covered by insurance but the process is frequently a normal component of physical therapy.