Overcoming Lower Back Pain with Chiropractic

Overcoming Lower Back Pain with Chiropractic

According to the American Chiropractic Association, “31 million Americans experience low-back pain at any given time.” This pain can have any number of causes ranging from arthritis to a ruptured disk to an injury. After suffering from a back injury, the pain may soon disappear completely for some, while for others it lingers long after the injury and becomes chronic.

Chronic low back pain can significantly hinder the ability to perform physical activities, which can be particularly troubling for athletes whose careers are dependent on being in top physical condition.

In addition to the pain, a lower back injury also commonly results in muscle weakness. With a proper chiropractic treatment plan, the weakened muscles can be strengthened and therefore help the patient overcome the pain and get back to feeling 100%. If you’re wondering why you should choose this form of treatment, chiropractors are specially trained to locate the source of your pain. Not only is spinal manipulation safe, it can also help reduce the necessity for pain medication while providing additional health benefits such as improving posture and reducing stress.

Aside from spinal manipulation, your chiropractor may also recommend a treatment plan that involves stretching exercises that can be performed at home to help ease the back pain in between appointments.

Remember that it’s important not to wait for your lower back pain to become unbearable before seeking treatment- the problem can more easily be treated the sooner you do something about it. Call (619) 818-4306 to schedule an appointment with Pro Form today!